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Ley .925 Añejo Cristalino

This 100% Blue Agave Tequila is a one-of-a-kind. Tapping into the recent trend of clear aged tequilas, Ley .925 Cristalino is a super premium color-filtered añejo tequila that renders a unique crystal clear product that possesses the character and smoothness of our well rounded and complex añejo tequilas.

Notes of vanilla, oak and chocolate are present in the nose. To the taste, the palate welcomes flavors of nuts, spices, caramel, and pineapples.

Type: Añejo (filtered)
Color: Crystalline
Aroma: Vanilla, oak and chocolate.
Taste: Nuts, spices, caramel, and pineapples.
Category: 100% agave
Aged: 18 months
Alcoholic Volume: 40% Alc/Vol
Presentation: 750 ml

Available at:
ABC Wine & Spirits
Hacienda la Capilla

Category: Product ID: 2345


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