Commemorative Limited Edition Replica: 10 Years Guinness World Record

Technical Sheet of Manufacture of  Special Edition bottles.

Commemorative Ley .925 – Ley Diamante in Silver and Gold


The Special Edition consists of the following elements / characteristics:

Only 5 numbered bottles.

  • Ceramic bottles with a capacity of 1,375 liters, forged at high temperature; handcrafted by Maestro Gerardo Cedillo.
  • 2,750 grams (net) of Silver purity .925 in each
  • Case made of “chapaneco” mahogany with “piano” finish.
  • 14K Gold stamp of the crest used for the Tequila Ley .925 logo based on the pictorial work of Maestro Alejandro Gómez Oropeza: “Pasión Azteca”.

Forged, molded, relieved and modeled 2 side views, as well as a stopper and a neck strap for the bottles.

The bottles took a manufacturing time of 6 months, from the time the first design was received until the last piece was finished.

In the elaboration of the bottle they intervened: 3 assemblers, 4 craftsmen and 2 polishers, using diverse manufacturing techniques.

The price of each bottle is $ 20,000 US dollars and only numbered bottles are available for sale: “2/5” and “4/5”.